Hi There ~!

Nice to see you stopped by.   My vision for this site is to give you a real place to go to figure out what options are available to you when you’re considering online income generation.

So many people are honestly in need of extra income and are looking for a way to improve their lives – those driving desires and needs make many people easily taken advantage of.  With all the crazy, hype-filled mess online today, having a straight-forward and no-nonsense approach about what works and what doesn’t, is needed today more than ever.

I see so many people throwing their money away left and right, buying so many “This is the answer you seek” style products.  It’s awful!  My background is a firm foundation of offline business in marketing and sales.  Nobody want’s to be a “sales lady”, but in order to make money – people have to pay you for something – sales is sales – offline or online.  It’s about connecting with people, offering real value and not empty promises.

In the online world – it’s easier to seem as if you know what you’re doing and display a large level of authenticity - whether it’s real or not.  Unfortunately, since it’s not a face to face environment, our normal intuition doesn’t have much of a chance to help us out.

This is one reason I love video so much : )  It allows me to connect with my fans and visitors in a face-to-computer screen kind of way, that just written text doesn’t allow. I believe you can get to know a person via video, if they’ve created enough of them, and it’s a great place to start with online marketing of yourself.