Are you acting or REacting? Decide. It could change your life

If you are only reacting to life as it happens you’re missing the boat.  Life is all about taking action and making your life happen, not just letting it happen to you.  Which life road are you on?  Are you acting or re-acting in your life today?

How do you decide if you are acting or reacting to life?

As yourselves these questions:

  •  - Do you have a plan for this decade of your life?  This year, this month?
  • Do you feel out of control most days?
  • Do you truly believe that you and only you control whatever level of success or failure you achieve in this lifetime?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions then the conclusion is you are RE-Acting.  It’s time to change!!!!

Why do I care if I am Acting or RE-Acting to my life?

You can equate your life to something like developing a plot for a book.  You have a beginning, a middle and the end.  There are are scenes (conflicts) that move the plot (your life) forward, there are places where the hero (you) fall down and have to decide to get back up (overcoming conflict), then there’s the stories climax (when the most action, the most exciting and the most life changing thing happens).  Then from there the story winds down and there’s the stories resolution.

Resolution!!(#%!) Does that mean I’m dead?

It doesn’t have it.  It depends on what you allow the climax of your life to be.  My suggestion:  allow the climax of your life to be the moment where you finally reach your goals of life and time freedom by having succeeded at your income generation engine of choice.  The resolution then becomes (no, not your death!) but the easy street of living we all dream of and work to attain.

The alternative to this to – a very meh existence of just reacting n the best way possible to life’s challenges.  Ultimately this will lead to a life of non-realized dreams, frankly, because those living these lives never let their dreams develop into a plan, an actionable plan, with fixed goals.

Not one millionaire got there but no having a plan and a road map to doing it.

So how long can this resolution last and am I too late?

The best question is when will this resolution begin.  Time, years, hours, days, minutes…they are all finite.  Which is why taking action and getting quickly to the proper and wonderful climax of your life is so important.  We only have so much time.  I personally chose to not let my life’s plot points (the bumps in the road) dictate to me how fast the climax could come or have wonderful it would be.  I took daily action steps to get myself there so that I and my children could enjoy the happy resolution for as long as possible.

Are you too late?  Not unless you’re dead.  Which you are not or you wouldn’t be reading this post.

In conclusion: Life is too short to just let yourself to REact to it.  Live it.  Live it out loud.  You can do that by taking a leading role and ACTING in your own life today.