attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing

No matter what you’re doing online to earn income, you’ve got to get in front of clients and/or prospects.  This mean you’ve got to put yourself out there and lead with value. You have to let people get to know you, then they will like you and eventually they will trust you. It’s not really new or different concept….but how do you do it online?  You implement a system of various websites, blogs, ads, facebook pages, youtube videos, capture pages and auto responders! Yeah really!  I did just type all of that : ) But wait, don’t freak out yet.

All of that is necessary for Attraction Marketing?

No, not all, just a few things will get you started.  The key to true online wealth is having an automated system in place, that (if you’re really brilliant) will allow you to solve peoples problems, get residual earnings from their purchase and build a list that you can sell your own products to (100% profit model folks).  As you grow your business you likely will have all those items in place over time.  But you can lead with value with just one or two of those marketing strategies in place and that will AUTOMATE your lead generation, if you do it right.

First things first – What does leading with value mean?

It means you have to show your potential clients and prospects that you have genuine information, products etc, that will add value to their lives and solve a need of theirs.  It’s simple, yet powerful.  It’s why we shop.  It’s why we browse.  We need something we want to buy but maybe don’t know what, but we know we have a problem to solve and YOU my friend, need to show them why your product is the solution.

Why Would You Use Attraction Marketing?

So you can learn to get unlimited leads that belong to you. This is your business asset. Once you get a lead you can continue to educate them, and eventually they will more than likely buy something from you.  This is so powerful, and I personally believe more relevant than ever with all the junk people are exposed to today online and the desperate need people have to earn an alternate income.

You don’t have to use attraction marketing of course, your other options are to harass your warm market, you know- annoy everyone you speak to, ask your mom/sisters/brothers/aunts/uncles/friends to buy from you, or you can buy leads.  This can get even more expensive and depressing as you waste you time trying to connect with folks who don’t know you and probably don’t really want to talk to you.

All in all, as far as efforts, money and value goes in finding quality clients and prospects to work with, I will hands-down, don’t bother asking twice….ALWAYS want my customers calling me asking for my products or coaching instead of me chasing folks around.

So check into attraction marketing to make the most of your efforts and see the best results.

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