Do I Need A Blog?

Do I Need A Blog?

Lots of people want to be online, but don’t necessarily know or think they need to have a blog.  My first recommendation to people who are looking at a long term income strategy when they ask me ” Do I need a blog?  How to create a website?”  Is yes you absolutely need a blog and here’s how you create a website – and I give them the link to my free “How To Create A Website Course.

As to the actual WHY of having a blog or website

Here’s  quick video I cut to discuss the reasons you do want a blog or website:


A website online is your residual busy body.  It’s your little assistant that’s working for you 24/7.  The amazing thing is – it never stops working.  One month, two months, a year, three years AFTER you generate a post or a new webpage – this content, this effort is still working for you!

That’s is how a website you create is a true source of residual income and residual wealth for you.

IF you doing the following things, as discussed in my free website creation course:

  1. Do your keyword research
  2. Re-purpose your content
  3. Focus on generating relevant and high ranking back links
  4. Make sure you webpages maintain a valid offer (product “buy”, affiliate link, etc)

These components are key to not only getting found online, but to having a website that actually offers something to the visitors which will find your webpages, so you can generate income.  You can have the best and most trafficked site online – but if you don’t have something to offer to your visitors to buy – then you will not generate any income from it.

Does this mean you have to sell something on every page of your blog?

No.  In fact you should not have a “buy now” mentality for every blog post.  You do want to offer free value and useful information without always having a buy it now mentally.  However, having relevant offers in your sidebars and also through your email marketing is crucial to earning an income from all your efforts.

Do I need To Create A Website That is Self-hosted

My opinion is that yes you need to have a self-hosted website.  Many options are online now for Web 2.0 sites, such as and a few others.  But if you don’t own your own content and make permalinks for your content, you will have to do re-directs and so many other things to ensure that your webpages are found and don’t throw 301 erros for visitors.

A few really good options is to have your website hosting through a company that offers the great benefits of being on the same server as many other high-ranking sites in the shared environment.  One that I really like is GVO – Pure Leverage.  When you host your site there, you also get an autoresponder and so many other income tools such as lead capture pages and the ability to resale products from them – all in one place.

If that is something that interest you, check that out here.
This particular presentation goes into how you can earn money with it, but seriously, the value you get for just using the products as is for 25.00 bucks a month is amazing.

No matter what you do, get out there and Snag A Life for yourself!

All the best ~

Patricia Sweeney