How to Add A Retweet Button To Your Website

We all need to make sure we get social shares to our websites.  One fast and easy way to do that is to get  a twitter share button or retweet button on your site so people can ‘ tweet my site ‘.

This is Twitter’s Button Resource Page

Of course, there’s the standard ‘add to any’ and that sort of thing, but if you want some quick basic twitter function you can grab the buttons right there off of twitter’s own page.  You of course have to have a twitter account to do so.

It’s very simple to use.  You juse choose the twitter button type you’d like.  Input the URL you want to be tweeted.  That can be specified OR you can just leave it as “the existing URL”.  Leaving it as the existing URL will dynamically update depending on whatever page your site visitor happens to be on.

how to twitter button



Now once you’ve setup everything how you’d like to work on your webite, then you can just grab the HTML code right there under the “Preview” section, and you just paste it on your site.  This could be in a top toolbar area, your sidebar or on a specific page itself.

See like right here : )

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