How to get your blog really going fast

If you want to blog you need to know how to blog and what it’s all about.  First and foremost it’s about content (the stuff you write).  So no matter how fancy-spamsy your design and layout it, no matter how wonderful your logo looks and have spiffy that new profile head shot is – your don’t have a blog with out amazing content.

So how do you blog?

You write.  You write often.  You write something people actually want to read.

So to get your brand new blog going fast, start writing.

These are things you CAN DO to get your blog going fast.

  • Write every day
  • Make writing a priority.  If it’s the last thing you worry about doing…it will never get done.
  • Write on a schedule. Preferably in the morning. Even if you have to get up earlier so you can knock it out.  If you wait to write at the end of the day you running into that issue where you’re too busy and all the other life stuff (clothes, eating, sleeping) will come first at 11pm instead of you staying up until midnight to actually right.
  • Fit writing into your free time.  Write on lunch.  Write on break.  Jot down article ideas in the middle of that boring meeting.
  • Don’t lose time. Write and publish posts even while you’re tweaking the designs and widgets folks.   If you don’t have an active blog site, check out my other articles on how to create a blog, but while you’re learning start writing and saving your articles so you’ll have content o post as soon as your WP is up.
  • Vary your topics to cover your chosen categories.  Write compelling content each day on a new category you chose.  if you have five categories that you use to begin your blogging framework, then each day write on a new category topic.  This will allow your site visitors to see that you actually plan on giving them content for all those links in your great drop down menu.

In the words of Mater, from CARS the movie, these are things “To Not To”-

  • Don’t dither over the minute details.  If you write in stream of consciousness you’ll get a much more personal and thoughtful article or post.  While doing this don’t dither of the details.  Just write this rough draft, then do one quick pass to edit, then publish. Do not agonize over word choice and phrasing.
  • Don’t spend hours and days finding that perfect photo that matches your content amazingly.  Most of the more successful plots don’t even have pictures in their blogs or as a featured thumbnails.  IF you want them, they can come later when you’re searching the web and you’ll see a photos, or you maybe take a photo, and a light will go off saying “ah ha!” this is the image that will provoke the thought behind that post.  Then you upload up.
  • Don’t wait to publish until your article or post is perfect. Do it NOW.  Tweek later if you need to.  This will give you a sense of urgency to wrap it up and get it right because once it’s published other can see it so it’ll be important to clean it up quick.  This “time crunch” feeling will help you to focus on the big things in the formatting.
  • Don’t quit.  Most bloggers out there quick before they ever realize true success.  Mostly this is because they don’t understand that true blogging success comes on the long tail (months/years) later, it’s not an instantaneous thing.
  • Don’t miss weeks and months of posting – be consistent.  Your readers will not come back to your blog (they won’t be YOUR readers) if they don’t feel they will get something new and valuable to learn if they visit again next week.  How do you demonstrate that they will?  You write consistently. Never put yourself in a position where you have to say “Sorry guy I know I have posted in a while”.  That will be the death of your fledging blog.
  • Don’t ignore SEO.  While seo is not as important as great content, it’s still important.  If you don’t know what it’s all about, check out SEO tips on this site.

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In conclusion – if you want to get blog going really fast  - WRITE AWAY!!!!