How To Prospect Online

What is Prospecting

The continual activity of identifying, approaching and pre-qualifying new people to talk to about your business.  Note the word CONTINUAL.  This is the life bloodof any business, no exceptions.  But there are techniques and methods that make some people extremely successful in their prospecting efforts and some who are not so successful.  In todays’ online world the art of Prospecting Online is usually that difference.  Because while you might sell the best widgets in the world, you need people to talk to about them in order to sell them.

How to Prospect Online

The short answer is lead with value i.e.: Bait your hook properly, and put out the line.

Long winded explanation: While you need to target your marketing (note: marketing, sales and prospecting are NOT the same thing) to focus on the people who would most want your product, thus increases your conversion rates and maximizing efforts, you also need to have something to give them in exchange for their time and email address.  People are so tired of free junky ebooks that talk about a lot of concepts but don’t give them actionable steps they can take to make a difference in their business.

Therein lies your opportunity.  Give them the tools they were already wanting – the knowledge (the how) and system (the actions steps) to prospect online.  Give them the keys to the castle so to speak with free and valuable information on how they can grow their business by having an automated marketing system and online training and support they need.

What if I Don’t Have All This Great Stuff (Or Any Value) To Offer

You do have value because there is always someone out there who is at least one step behind you in their journey of how to earn money online.  Always. Period.

But that is a talk for mindset on another day.  Today, what you need to understand is that there are probably thousands of “online marketing systems” and “how to make money online”, but I can tell you from experience – most do NOT have value that their students and members can tap into from day one.  They do NOT give you the tools you need with lead capture pages, valuable free training for you and your prospects, weekly training webinars to invite your prospect to…etc.   I know because for years I tried them all and they didn’t’ work.

I was so frustrated and ready to give up when I was lucky enough to stumble upon my marketing system and I’ve never looked back.  What I learned then was that when you can put a name to the problems your prospects are having – and give them an honest-to-goodness solution that works to fix that pain – BOOM.  You just closed the deal folks.  Prospecting is done.

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What to do now?

Don’t be like these folks who went after the gold further and further afield of where it truly lies.   (I had to read the quote a few times for the deeper meaning to sink in!).  What I get out of this quote by Henry David Thoreau is that the true gold can truly be right where you are and it need not be confined or constrained.  I belive that is so true for anyone wanting to marketing online.  The world, the prospects and your gold are right at your fingertips – you’ve just got to gain the skills to grab them.

Quote on Prospecting

“Men rush to California and Australia as if the true gold were to be found in that direction; but that is to go to the very opposite extreme to where it lies. They go prospecting farther and farther away from the true lead, and are most unfortunate when they think themselves most successful. Is not our native soil auriferous? Does not a stream from the golden mountains flow through our native valley? and has not this for more than geologic ages been bringing down the shining particles and forming the nuggets for us? Yet, strange to tell, if a digger steal away, prospecting for this true gold, into the unexplored solitudes around us, there is no danger that any will dog his steps, and endeavor to supplant him. He may claim and undermine the whole valley even, both the cultivated and the uncultivated portions, his whole life long in peace, for no one will ever dispute his claim. They will not mind his cradle or his toms. He is not confined to a claim twelve feet square,… but may mine anywhere, and wash the whole wide world in his tom.”

-Henry David Thoreau


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