How to use built in SEO on your Facebook Fan Page

When considering how to setup your Facebook Fan Page to promote yourself and your brand, not only just the name of the page is important for getting found in Google.

Depending on how you plan on utilizing your Facebook fan page it’s really important to know how to get fans, how to market on facebook and how to get comments and shares.  The first step to all of that of course if to think about the name and the very basic settings.

Remember that the actual name and then the URL that you choose for you Fanpage is what actually shows up in the search in results.  This is a fantastic way to keep your branding consistent and capitalize on the SEO potential.

So take a listen to this video below to get some great tips on how to get your Facebook Fan Page optimized with the built in SEO settings. As Facebook in always ranked within the Top 10 websites in the world, getting just a tiny sliver of the traffic from this massive engagement engine is extremely important to your online income.

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