Paid Articles How to use a proven system to get paid for your original content

As with ALL earning programs, businesses and compensation plans – it’s doesn’t work if people don’t need or want what you’re selling.  Good, well-written and purposeful content is ALWAYS selling online.

Why is getting paid for articles such a good idea and so simple?

Because just like MLMer’s and Salespeople needs new leads everyday, every-single-solitary website out there NEEDS to have new content, and they have to get it from somewhere and pay someone to provide it.

Where do I sell my original content?

There are tons of places to sell original articles online as long as you know how to format your articles and your chosen topics, those that you are knowledgeable about, fit their client base.

So Do I Learn How To Sell My Writing Online?

The best program I’ve seen that will teach you these things is:


As the name implies, it shows you how to purposely marketing your well written content either by selling it online or by having a blog and generating your own web traffic.  The latter is of course more complicated, so for a quick and easy way to start generating an online income, think about using selling your words to a hungry and needy online community of website that NEED YOU!!