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Hey guys.  Patricia Sweeney with and yes, you can go and sell games online if you own the game even if it’s on … it’s obviously games and things that you go buy, it’s for the copyright but once you own it, you’re able to resell it and do what you want to with it.  There was actually a court ruling very recently because some people from music and cds, they were really having a problem with that.  Essentially, you could buy it, you could kind of go home and make a copy of it and go sell that CD.  People in the music industry were kind of ticked because they weren’t going to get a cut of that resale.  The court said once you buy it, it’s yours to do with it as you want to.

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A great place to sell things online, of course everybody knows eBay, right?  You can go to eBay and list things all day long but there are a lot of competition there and it seems a little … you never quite know what you’re going to get for it.  A place that people, not that many people are all that aware of but it’s becoming more popular with sellers, is Amazon.  Of course, millions and billions of people buy on Amazon every single year but I don’t think a lot of people realize that Amazon actually, yes they sell their own stuff, but you are able to sign up as a seller and sell all the stuff that you want as well.  You can sell new and used items.

When you upload a used item, people just really want to see the condition and make sure it works.  If you’re going to sell a game for a media player like Xboxes, playstations, that sort of thing, you might want to take pictures of the front and back so people can see that it’s not scratched out.  Then of course, you just notate the condition as used.  Cool thing is, once you list it, you actually see … once you go to seller central at and sign up for an account and once you list the product, you’ll actually be able to see what the sales rank is for that particular product and you’ll be able to see what the going rate is for that same product that your listing with that particular’s thing condition.

Now, if you list yours and already you don’t see anything like yours, now hey, that’s great.  You can list yours online with Amazon and you just have to say whether they are new or used.  Just make sure that if you do for a lot of brand new product description in the product page, that you want to fill out all the information all the way through.  Put in all of the real … the maker’s information, the author’s information, make sure you make the rating proper and then you want to put your pictures up there.  Then as soon as you sell something, if you’re new to Amazon, a key that people forget is getting people to review the purchase.  Once someone buys from you guys, ask them, follow-up with them via e-mail, ask them to come back and do a review for you.

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I hope this was helpful.  Yes, you can sell games on Amazon which is a great way to re-purpose, get more money than what most of the game stocks and things that … those little stores you go to where you can trade-in your games.  You generally will not get as much for your games there as you will get on Amazon.  For more information about different things that you can do to make money online, visit my website  This is Patricia Sweeney telling you to get out there and snag a life for yourself.