What is Prosperity?

What is prosperity?

What does it mean and look like to you??


Prosperity Definition

I want you to take a moment of your time and think about, what does prosperity mean to you? The definition of prosperity is to be prosperous. Let me just read you the actual definition of that, it means a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition especially in financial respects or good fortune then prosperities or prosperous circumstances.

I just wanted to kind of have us think about it for a minute. What does it mean? Obviously it’s being a good, healthy, wealthy situation and that’s why I love my company as much as I do because we’re all about health and wealth but the thing of the matter is if you have not defined for yourself what prosperity truly looks like. If you have not envisioned your life, day to day, what time would you wake up? What would you have for breakfast? Would you have a live in chef? Would you be traveling the world on a yacht?

Would your kids have a personal tutor instead of being shipped off to a private school? I shipped off, too. It’s not a bad thing if they go to private school but they wouldn’t be in public school for sure if you’re prosperous I don’t think for most people. What does it look like? Close your eyes and think about what does it look like to be prosperous to you. That’s your vision building; once you can truly imagine your day-to-day life in a prosperous situation then you can achieve it because it doesn’t happen by accident.

It absolutely does not, granted some people go out there and they win the lottery and stuff but haven’t you ever seen those shows where people who win the lottery sometimes it ruins their life? They’re worst off in five years than they were the day that they won it because at least they had some semblance of accepting of their circumstances. To have tasted it and ruined it I think would almost be worst.

What does prosperity look like for you? Define prosperity for yourself, that’s what I want you to do and make a vision of it because when you can create a vision of what your life looks like day-to-day in prosperity then you know what you’re working for in this online or MLM or whatever crazy thing that we’re doing. I encourage you to do that, write it down, put yourself into that prosperous place, and into a prosperous mindset because we are hear for wealth and prosperity for ourselves, our families, and for all of us in this community of people that are working hard together.

I look forward to speaking with you on the next video and in the next training session but this was on my heart today and I wanted to share it with you because when I find myself truly crafting my prosperous future, of course my visions get bigger, and bigger, and bigger which is fantastic because once I reach one goal of it, wow another one builds on top of it. That’s wonderful that’s where we want to be, right? That’s okay so even where you feel is prosperous, what’s your next level of prosperity?

Maybe you need to be prosperous not in a wealthy situation but in your relations or in your health. Craft your vision no matter what direction in life you’re looking to take it but craft it, write it down, live in it, dwell in it in your mind, and you’ll find that it’s easier to push yourself and to continue moving forward with your efforts day-to-day as long as you know where you’re going.

Go out there and be prosperous and I’ll look forward to working with all of you in whatever capacity that might be in. Get out there and snag a life for yourself, a prosperous and wondrous life.



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